A Christmas Carol

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Fri-Dec-14-2018 at 8:00 pm

Carnegie Stage

Conceived, co-adapted and performed by Mark Coffin
Co-adapted and directed by Heidi Mueller Smith

Charles Dickens’ classic like you’ve never experienced it before.

This effectively integrated adaptation of the beloved Christmas tale will give today’s audience an opportunity to revisit the words, characters, and 19th century flavors of Dickens’ best-known work, with its themes of inequity and renewal just as relevant in our society today as they were in 1843.  In this solo piece, the arc of the story is experienced through the mind and heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge as he moves from his life of isolation and greed (led by his lesson-teaching specters) through dream-like vistas of fear, guilt, and shame, to his ultimate new reality of compassion and human transformation.

Our story also employs the Narrator as perhaps the second most important character, as he moves from commentary and reporting to the seamless blending into Ebenezer himself, with each becoming a fully realized person.  The use of light, music, and projections to reflect emotion and environment illuminate this magical production.  Storytelling at its finest.

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