A note from our Associate Publisher: Pittsburgh Current launches crowd-investment campaign

By August 30, 2018 One Comment

We here at Pittsburgh Current are grateful for your support every single day. Because of you we were able to go from concept to a printed paper in six weeks. Because of you we just rolled out Issue 3 to over 200 locations. Because of you we had a very successful first Currently@, our new monthly happy hour series dedicated to highlighting the best of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. 

What I’m trying to say is that we love you. Nay, we super love you. And we want to give you more. We want to grow and have more locations for you to pick up the next copy of Pittsburgh Current. We want to continue to grow our mission of “Giving Pittsburgh a Better Alternative.” And because of that, I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Honeycomb crowd-investment campaign.

If you aren’t familiar with Honeycomb, they are a local startup who want to give Main Street businesses the same advantages as Wall Street. It’s safe to say that our values align.  They are dedicated to helping small businesses grow, while allowing you to become an investor in the small businesses you love. And that’s what we are asking now. Come and be a part of our future.

Investing in Pittsburgh Current allows us to continue to grow, to get more papers into more hands, and to become an even more vibrant part of the media landscape. We are raising this money to ensure that we can grow as quickly and responsibly as possible.

I can think of nothing more Pittsburgh than investing in a Pittsburgh startup through a Pittsburgh startup, all in the name of helping make Pittsburgh more awesome. We know you love reader-first, influence-free journalism. We know you support the free press. Now we are asking you to become a part of it. Visit our campaign page to learn more, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    love your new venture Charlie, wish you much success as we discussed living and defending ones opinions, the flow of opinions and the willingness to have open dialogue. The true strength of any society is to encourage the art of communication to express ideas and most importantly find common ground to problem solve and lay the seeds of success in our youth {our future}. I’m changing careers at 58 and want to be a freelance writer and have written my first book. My book is going for a second edit and have some more work to polish up final manuscript. Looking forward to further correspondence, keep up the great work, and may free speech live on!

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