Berringer: Freedom Denied

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The art of the denial.

It has become pervasive with the birth of the Trump candidacy and presidential administration. Deny global warming. Deny sexual assault, even with recorded audio contradicting it. Label it fake news. Deny collusion. Deny saying you’d donate a million dollars to charity if Sen. Elizabeth Warren ever took a genealogy test and it turned out she had any trace of native American ancestry.


Deny it.

Deny it all!

Here now enters the problem as this president navigates diplomacy abroad. Our adversaries are using this same tactic against us. And they are doing it straight to President Trump’s face.

Vladimir Putin denied Russian ever engaged in cyber influencing our elections while our own FBI reports they did. And now we come to find that the Saudi Arabia’s King Salman denied to Trump that his government had anything to do with the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but then hours later had to admit they did.

I guess foreign leaders never received President Trump’s memo entitled, “Do as I say, not as I do” and it’s a treacherous position to be in with our national security.

But this is the world we are now living in and it could have an impact for generations to come.

It’s easy to pretend it’s all a lie when it’s someone else on TV accusing a soon-to-be Justice of the United States Supreme Court of sexual assault. Or, it’s someone else who’s murdered by a foreign government. But what if it’s you? What if you’re the one who has been wronged?A What if despite all the facts you may have to back up your claim, they simply hit the “Deny” button. They shout you down like you don’t matter  with rants of, “Fake, fake, fake!”

We’ve grown so accustomed to this default course of action from this president and his associates, that my fears from almost two years ago may becoming true. I was worried then that with all the outrage following the 2016 election results, that at some point, the power of the White House would slowly wear it all down. Just keep denying it all and, eventually, the revolutionaries will get tired and go home.

In a roundabout way, some political prognosticators are marking the Justice Kavanaugh hearings as that moment. To the Trump administration, it was more about winning and less about believing in its citizenry. Simply put, deny her story and get the win..

With two weeks until the midterm elections, the only question now will be whether or not enough voters employ a variation of the Trump tactic and deny him the power to deny us any further.


Aryanna Berringer is a Pittsburgh Current Political Columnist. Contact Aryanna at aryanna@pittsburghcurrent.com.

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