Capitol rioter misses court appearance after contracting COVID in D.C. Jail

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Jordan Mink shown breaking into the U.S. Capitol on January 6

By Jody DiPerna
Pittsburgh Current Senior Contributor

A Bridgeville man in jail awaiting trial for his part in the January insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, was unable to appear in court this morning after testing positive for COVID-19.

Jorden Mink, was scheduled to appear before Judge Randolph D. Moss of the District Court for D.C. After his positive test, Mink was placed in isolation in the D.C.  jail where he is being held pending his trial and could not go to the area the facility uses for court video-proceedings.

Mink is one of 11 people from the Western District of Pennsylvania who has been arrested and charged for actions relating to the rioting at the Capitol on January 6th. In an indictment filed on February 24, Mink was indicted by a DC Federal Grand Jury on 10 counts pertaining to his actions on January 6, including obstruction of an official proceeding, destruction of government property and acts of physical violence in the Capitol. 

Michael Moser of Allison Park is Jorden Mink’s attorney and he reported to Ross and the Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael C. DiLorenzo, that his client, “was pretty symptomatic.” 

He also said that his client was having issues getting the medications he takes to manage the depression, anxiety and insomnia that he suffers from.

“He takes medications to treat those, but since coming to Virginia and DC, he’s not been getting those meds as prescribed,” Moser told the Court. 

After his arrest near his home in Bridgeville, Mink was held in the Butler County jail. According to the federal docket, he was moved from the Butler Jail to the local jurisdiction where the case is filed — the District of Columbia. 

Moser made an oral argument that his client be transferred from the Central Detention Facility in DC, where he is now to the Central Treatment Facility, also in DC, where, “there is a better chance of him to get his meds and his mental and physical health taken care of, and where he can get better care.” 

DeLorenzo had no objection and Judge Ross said he would reach out to general counsel to see if an Order should be issued or if Jorden Mink can be moved just on the Judge’s recommendation.  

In the meantime, the Judge ordered both attorneys to file a joint status report on the case which will lay out the schedule for discovery and the next conference. 

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