Crash Course: Contemporary Art – Evening

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Wed-Nov-7-2018 at 6:30 pm

Carnegie Museum of Art

Designed in anticipation of the 57th Carnegie International (opening October 13), this course will mine CMOA’s rich collection of international art since 1970. Organized around major themes within contemporary art such as global thinking and connectivity, the class will also consider how recent art deals with the eternal issues that cut across time and cultures, including spirituality, memory, beauty, and identity. Discover together the art that has challenged and perplexed us, that has comforted and defined us, that has at its core all the qualities that make us human.

This class meets on four Wednesdays in October. Morning sessions also available!

The November 7 docent-led tour of Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018 is at 11:15 a.m. Note tour time is different than class time.

About the Instructor

Nicole F. Scalissi is a doctoral candidate in the history of art & architecture at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently finishing a dissertation on American performance art since the 1970s that stages or fakes violence against marginalized communities, as a means to call attention to the prevalent and disproportionate violence committed against women and people of color in the US. Nicole completed her master’s degree at Penn State, where her qualifying paper was on Andy Warhol’s early career paintings of 1950s “lady” wrestlers and their unique challenges to traditional gender categories and Cold War pop culture. Her work has been published in the scholarly journal Contemporaneity. Pittsburgh has been her second home for more than a decade and this will be the third Carnegie International she has attended.

Carnegie Museum of Art

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