Dan Savage’s HUMP! Festival comes to town

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By Charlie Deitch

Pittsburgh Current Editor


There are moments while watching Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival when you actually forget that you’re watching porn.

It’s not because of a lack of action. There’s plenty of fucking, sucking, humping, pumping, grinding, stroking, spanking, choking, gagging, licking and fingering going on. But there’s lots of other stuff too, like painting, singing, laughing, smiling, kissing, camping, spinning and living. The kind of stuff that everyday people might do while they’re making hardcore porn.

At the base of the 60-minutes of short film is sex, of course, but this collection of clips, curated by Savage himself, reminds us that sex, regardless of who we are, how we look, what we like, who we like or how we do it, is one of the most normal and positive things we do as humans. And sex positivity is the whole point of HUMP!

“We are so excited for this year,” Savage says of the festival. “You know how they told us that this election was the most important election of our lifetimes but this year it was really true? Well, we’re always telling you that this year’s HUMP! is the best HUMP! ever but this year it’s really true. The HUMP! jury was blown away by the hilarity, hotness, diversity, and quality of this year’s films and we can’t wait for you to see them.”

This year’s Pittsburgh screenings of HUMP! will take place at the Ace Hotel May 8-10. The venue was changed at the last minute after new management at Regent Square Theater pulled the film last week because of the content. This isn’t new for HUMP!, in fact it’s the second time in five years that Pittsburgh has had a location change.

I’ve always watched a screener of the films, but those who’ve attended in the past say there’s nothing quite like watching HUMP! with a live audience.

The collection of short films for this year’s festival really are among the most diverse. Without divulging spoilers — because, afterall, HUMP! is the Avengers of homemade fuck films — the range in body types, sexual orientation, gender, and other things that shall remain secret, is amazing.

Also, without fail, I always manage to learn something new from the festival. This year it was a practice known as “cathartic flogging.” A woman details her first experience with the practice in a beautiful black-and-white animated film.

All of the films are memorable for one reason or another. Whether it’s seeing that sexual pleasure can exceed physical limitations or watching in juvenile awe at a dude covered in fluorescent paint, helicoptering his dong, there’s something for everyone.



The 2019 HUMP! Tour will be in Pittsburgh from May 8th through May 10th at the Ace Hotel.

Ace Hotel, 120 S Whitfield St., East Liberty

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