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Daisy Chain is a hard rock-and-roll trio from Pittsburgh who are releasing their debut effort entitled Oh My, Satan via Steel City Death Club Records on Friday, December 13. To celebrate, the band is throwing down and playing the album in full the following night on Saturday, December 14 at The Smiling Moose on the Southside with support from locals Ugly Blondes and US. I want to thank Ethan Mackowick (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.


The first album you ever bought?

I believe the first album I ever bought was American Idiot by Green Day. That album was the music of my early teenage years and it really fueled my desire play loud rock music. I wouldn’t say that it made me want to make political punk music, but that record set the foundation for the musician I am today


Your last album bought?

I don’t really buy albums anymore, because of the convenience of streaming, but the newest record I’ve fallen in love with is Infest the Rats Nest by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The riffs and lyrical themes of that album are head and shoulders above most rock/metal being played today.


Favorite album of all time?

It’s hard for me to choose my favorite album of all time, but a record I always go back to is In a Temple Garden by Yusef Lateef. I think it perfectly captures the best parts of the jazz fusion of that was going on at the time. Yusef’s flute playing is immaculate and the band’s chemistry is on point throughout all the jams. It also helps that it has some of the bass tones of all time in my opinion.


Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Fever by The Black Keys. I love almost all of their albums before that record, but that one is just too polished for me. The earlier ones are dirty and raw, like the blues should be. It doesn’t help that the songs are forgettable as well.


First concert attended?

Trans Siberian Orchestra in Columbus. I went with my parents when I was 12 and it was awesome. I had no idea you could make metal Christmas music, but those guys made it happen.


Last concert?

Dead and Co. in New Jersey. It was amazing. The setlist had a good amount of my favorite Grateful Dead songs like “St. Stephen” and “Ripple”, and the band’s jam chemistry is better than ever. I think that has a large part to do with John Mayer’s incredible guitar playing.




Favorite concert ever?

Probably the Cage the Elephant show in Pittsburgh that happened about seven years ago. It was at a time when I first started playing in a band and Cage the Elephant’s stage presence blew my mind. It inspired me to try to put that level of energy and passion in my own musical performances.


Least favorite concert?

The Japandroids show I saw about two years ago. I came to see the opener Cloud Nothings, but stayed to watch some Japandroids, and it was probably some of the most generic music I had ever heard. Every song was the same tempo, chords, texture and it infuriated me that there were so many people excited to see them. It killed a little of the hope I have for the future of rock and roll.


Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has a great music scene if you look for it. There are amazing house show venues like LavenderTown, Gloveworld, and The Jelly Fox that showcase amazing local bands, and they’re usually for $5 for a ticket. Nowadays I would rather see a show at one of those places than anything at Consol. The people there truly love music for music’s sake.


Hugh’s Take: Thanks, Ethan. My appreciation for house venues has grown over the last several years for the exact reasons you mentioned. It’s the passion and love that really make the DIY scene important.




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