Five Pittsburghers with Oddly Specific Food Instagrams Tell Us Where to get the Best of their Obsession

By September 25, 2018 One Comment
  1. Carla Cardello


Obsession: Ice Cream

Insta: @becauseiloveicecream   

Her favorite:  Glen’s Custard in Springdale

She says: “My absolute favorite Pittsburgh ice cream I have posted is Malt Shoppe Brownie from Glen’s Custard because you taste all of the flavors including the malt without it being too overpowering or too rich.”

Most Underrated: Antney’s Ice Cream in Westwood

Still Dying to Try: Churn in Gibsonia

  1.  Joe Rachwal


Obsession: Nachos

Insta: @pittsburghnachoblog   

His favorite: The Cheesecake Factory

He says: “I wouldn’t expect that type of quality from a chain, but man are they good. There has been a lot of discussion about chip to topping ratio and they get it just right.”

Most Underrated: Atria’s Restaurant in South Hills

Still Dying to Try: Ditka’s in Robinson, and Firepit Wood Fired Grill in Irwin

  1. Laine Carey


Obsession: Pizza

Insta: @pittsburghpizza   

Her favorite: Mama Lucia’s in Wexford

She says: “My longtime favorite from childhood is Mama Lucia’s. Both their huge NY style slices and their Sicilian are amazing. Their sauce is just so good.”

Most Underrated: Pastoli’s in Squirrel Hill

Still Dying to Try: Driftwood Oven in Lawrenceville

  1. Joe Rogers


Obsession: Coffee

Insta: @acupforjoe   

His favorite:  4121 Main in Lawrenceville

He says: “Rose and juniper was such a unique and wonderful flavor to put in a latte. Paired with a chocolate truffle it was one of the best snacks I’ve ever had.”

Most Underrated: Black Forge Coffeehouse in Allentown

 Still Dying to Try: Whitfield in East Liberty

  1. Jacki Hawkins


Obsession: Tacos

Insta: @letstacoboutitpgh   

Her favorite: Doce Taqueria in South Side

She says:  “There is always a beef, chicken, pork and then a special of the day. Just this week I was there and their special was a pork taco with candied blueberry jalapeños , farmers cheese, pico, and cilantro and lime. I loved the unique flavor.”

Most Underrated: El Paisano in Beechview

Still Dying to Try: La Poblanita in Coraopolis

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  • AG says:

    Love this! It’s good to know where the best nachos, pizza, etc in the ‘burgh is!! Also, I’ll be following the nacho guy and pizza woman on instagram. Way to go Pittsburgh Current!!

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