Four upcoming events where the beer will flow like wine

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Since this is the Current’s Drink Issue, I thought I’d share some of the really cool alcohol-related events going on in the next couple weeks that people told me I should write about. So I did.

Burning Bridges Comedy Festival (March 21-24)

The Burning Bridges Comedy festival is in its third year and set to bring more than 50 comedians to 12 venues across Pittsburgh. Headquartered at the Burning Bridges Comedy Club in Lawrenceville, and anchored by the Grist House/Burning Bridges Special Edition Hazdelic Juice Grenade, the festival promises to eliminate any paths to redemption. This year’s headliners include Todd Barry, Ramon Rivas, Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone. Event organizer Derek Minto had plenty to say about the events that would have been great to put into this story, but I was fairly high and forgot to record any of it. You can check out the Current’s preview here, or you can just take my word that it’s a great way to spend your weekend, whether you’re a comedy noob, seasoned heckler or your company’s ace water cooler comic.

Tickets are available at

Mindful Brewing/Apis Mead: Bobby Bochet (While supplies last)

Mindful and Apis got together to brew a Scottish ale with honey called Bobby Bochet. “A bochet is a style of mead brewed with caramelized honey,” says Apis owner Dave Cerminara. “Scottish ale tends to have caramelized attributes to it already, so it was a perfect fit,” according to Mindful’s head brewer Nick Jones. They also tell me it’s a labor of love that was brewed during the polar vortex in sub zero weather while fighting off the well-known honey-crazed bears of Castle Shannon. Dave and Nick met about five years ago when Dave came by 99 Bottles in Carnegie to peddle mead to then manager Nick, who promptly told him to go fornicate with himself, before trying his product and eventually falling love with both the man and his bottles. It’s been a hell of a bromance ever since. “Dave is the one who helped me get into the brew industry and helped setup and plan this brewery step by step. The idea for this collab has been in the works since before Mindful was even a thing,” says Nick. Some of the 9.5 percent ale has also been placed into Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels to age and be released at a later date this year. You can find the current version on tap at both Mindful and Apis while supplies last.

Inclusive Innovations Summit Presents: All-In Silent Disco at Children’s Museum (March 29)

For the fourth year in a row, the City of Pittsburgh provides “an opportunity for local organizations and businesses to come together and showcase their vision for inclusion in Pittsburgh,” through the Inclusive Innovations Summit. Three days, forty events, childcare, bus passes and refreshments will be provided free of charge.

Refreshments will include six local breweries pouring samples at a silent disco hosted by the Children’s Museum. A silent disco is when they hand out headphones to everyone, and folks get to choose which station they listen to. So, you have a room full of people dancing in silence. It’s some trippy shit. Mindful, Apis, Rock Bottom, Black Frog, North Country and Union Brothers are your featured liver ninjas. And with there being no sound in the room, you can have an in depth convo with the brewers without screaming. Edutainment at its finest. Did I mention it was free and transportation was provided? That’s kind of a big deal.

Tickets are available at

Brew Ha-Ha (March 30)

In its fourth year, Brew Ha-Ha is the flagship fundraiser event for the Hollow Oak Land Trust, which is an organization responsible for managing 500 acres in Allegheny and Beaver counties. Hollow Oak provides access to wooded areas for recreational purposes, with a vision of connecting more green spaces throughout the region via the “Allegheny Green Web (” Featured breweries include Allegheny City, Helicon, Dancing Gnome, Aurochs, Cobblehaus, Abjuration, Eleventh Hour, Grist House, Insurrection Aleworks and Lincoln Avenue. Alien Brewing and Twisted Spoon Ale are collaborating for an event exclusive brew, Meeks Run IPA. Brewer and event organizer Chris Rolinson describes it as a, “zero IBU dry hopped ale, hazy, with no bitterness. All nose and grapefruit taste.” It’s currently on Untappd for review as well. Food pairings, prize wheels, entertainment and trails will be accessible throughout the event. I mean, don’t get hammered and go rock climbing, but a leisurely walk through Avonworth Park after a couple of pours sounds like a great time to me.

Tickets available at

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