German Car show debuts Sept. 15 in Deutschtown

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Jason Farahi and Lauren Bradley of Annex PGH (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

Jason Farahi grew up around German cars because his father often worked on them.

The North Side business owner, along with his significant other, Lauren Bradley, own Annex PGH, a Deutschtown clothing store that is themed around cars. Bradley began sharing Farahi’s love of German autos and when the two decided to bring an event to the North Side, their passion seemed to be the perfect fit.

“Fahrzeugfest: German Motor Vehicle Show,” is a free festival planned for Saturday, Sept. 15 with food, drinks, music and, of course, the cars.

“We have a huge parking lot behind our building, and I thought, you know what, it would be really cool to throw a German car show back there and have old and new German cars,” Farahi says. The couple decided to “make it a free event and get people out there to support something unique and also check our business out.”

The show, hosted by Annex PGH, will take place from 2-7 p.m. The organizers will be using the Foreland Street parking lot and closing off Foreland between Middle and James streets, all near the Annex PGH store. ASADO, a food truck from Gaucho Parrilla, Argentina, will be there selling food. Allegheny City Brewing will be serving beers. Music on deck includes a live performance from local rock band The Black Six, which includes a friend of Farahi’s.

Farahi says he’d like to have about 50 cars for folks to check out at the show. And if anyone wants to have their car as part of the festivities, email

There will be old and new German cars at the event, like BMWs. Farahi says German cars dovetail with Deutschtown’s deep German history.

“I personally haven’t seen any German car shows in the city, and … [with] the Deutschtown section of the North Side we’re in, I just thought that it would be a cool event,” Farahi said.

While the main attraction will certainly be the cars, the show isn’t intended to just appeal to automobile addicts. The hope is that folks will grab a drink and a bite to eat and enjoy some tunes, regardless of whether or not they know the difference between an Audi A6 and an Audi A7.

“We wanted to make it somewhat of a party/car show,” he says.

Farahi and Bradley want people to come out to North Side and appreciate it the way they do. Farahi has lived in the area for almost eleven years, while Bradley has been there for five. She also has deep roots in the area; her parents, grandparents and other family have long owned property and lived in the North Side.   

“We’re just really wanting to get people to the North Side and realize what a great community [it is] and how much there is to offer, especially on East Ohio Street where our business is… that’s really the main goal of hosting this car show is just to create an atmosphere where other people can come and enjoy our neighborhood as well,” Bradley says.

While Farahi certainly has an attachment to Deutschtown, he doesn’t share its German history. He’s Persian and Ecuadorian, and therefore, “the least German person you’ll ever meet,” he says with a laugh.

“If there were Persian cars and Ecuadorian cars, maybe that’ll be next year,” he says jokingly. “But until then, we’re gonna stick with German cars.”

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