In Bed by Ten partners with WYEP-FM for a radio dance party

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WYEP, Pittsburgh

In Bed by Ten Dance Party.

By Margaret Welsh
Pittsburgh Current Music Editor

If you checked out Matthew Buchholz’ virtual In Bed by Ten Dance Party back in late March, you know that the Facebook live format presented some technical difficulties. As Buchholz explained to the Current afterward, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Zoom all have restrictions against copyrighted material, making it tricky to keep the music flowing. Any time the algorithm recognized a copyrighted song, the live stream was interrupted. At one point, to “test the waters,” Buchholz put on a Lizzo track and was shut down within about 30 seconds. 

Different DJs have found various ways of working around these restrictions. And for Buchholz, that means switching to the good, old-fashioned FM radio airwaves. 

On Thursday, May 28, In Bed by Ten partners with WYEP-FM for two uninterrupted hours of everything from ’70s disco to ’80s new wave to ’90s hip hop to the pop of the aughts.

In Bed by Ten launched in 2015 as an event for people who like to go out and have fun, but don’t necessarily want to stay up late anymore. And true to its mission, this party runs from 8-10 p.m. — you might not make it to bed RIGHT at 10, but then again you don’t have far to travel to get there. 

So clear some space in the living room and set the dial to 91.3 FM. Or send the streaming link to your friends in far off places, and dance alone, together.

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