Hip-hop artist kidmental makes his mark by helping others leave their’s

Kidmental (Current Photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

We all have those moments when we’re walking down the street, feeling pretty good about ourselves with a little bounce in our step. Maybe you just got a raise or an “A” on your report card, whatever the reason, you’re feeling badass at the time.

It’s in those moments when we’ve all thought, “Hey, I need a theme song.” That’s what Jerome A. Jones II, aka, kidmental thought about a year ago when he set out to write a theme song for “everybody.” At least that’s the sentimentality behind the personalized theme songs.

“I didn’t have a band at the time and I wanted to keep making and producing music,” kidmental says, who can be found on instagram, (@kidmentalmusic). “I started out with a patreon and gave away a theme song a month. Now, I do one theme song a week and I do it for free.

“It’s nice to have one for your business, but whether you’re in big business or a lunch lady at a grade school, I think everyone deserves a song.”

Kidmental says he has also done tribute songs about loved ones who have died. “I think it’s a nice keepsake, to be able to remember someone with a song.” In one case, a woman whose daughter passed away, was left to raise her children. She asked for a song, kidmental says, “to help them get over that hump right after their mom passed.”

In order to understand the process, kidmental offered to write a theme song for the Pittsburgh Current. He sends you a link to an online form that you fill out, so he can get a feel for who you are or what your business is about. He then starts the process which he describes as “a lot of work.” He not only writes the lyrics, he then composes a tune just for your song that he creates by beatboxing and using a looper. The song the Current received was done on at least three separate tracks. The end result, at least for us, was an impressive, catchy song with lyrics that captured the essence of what we do and a high-level production quality.

But that shouldn’t be surprising, because at the heart of it, kidmental is a talented musician and artist. Growing up in a strict church, he listened only to gospel music. “They thought rap was horrible,” he says with a laugh. In fact, he was well into his teens before he really heard secular music. Once he heard those beats, he began combining them with poetry he had written.

“I tend to write the rhymes and then find the beats,” he says. And while he is starting to perform again, kidmental says he doesn’t plan to stop writing theme songs.

“I like being able to do something for someone that celebrates their life and their achievements,” kidmental says. “The song is only a minute long but it means a lot to the people who receive them. But not only that, it’s an honor for me to be allowed to create their theme.”

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