What’s New at Heinz Field for 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Season

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The Potato Patch Fries concession stand in the FedEx Great Hall (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

Local media toured Heinz Field on Thursday to see what the Steelers have been cooking up  during the offseason both in the kitchen and throughout the stadium.

There aren’t any major stadium upgrades this year but if you find yourself at one of many primetime games, check out the lights and you’ll notice 440 new LED fixtures lighting up the grass and stadium below. These lights are brighter more cost-effective and more energy efficient than the old ones; they also provide better lighting for night televised night games. The lights also have some entertainment value. When a big play happens for both the Pitt Panthers or the Steelers, the lights will begin a chase sequence lining the stadium, similar to what the lights do at PNC Park when the Pirates score.

The new LED lights lining the top of Heinz Field (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

Augmented reality is also creeping into out daily lives, so the folks at Heinz Field designed a VR slider on the Steelers App allowing fans inside the FedEx Great Hall to use their smartphones to scan various areas around the stadium to see pictures and videos that display facts and information. The two main areas fans can use this feature are along the Terrible Towel Wall and throughout the display of Super Bowl trophies. Holding your phone up to the trophies will open up videos and highlights of that specific Super Bowl win. Another new feature for the Steelers App is any fan within 75 miles of Pittsburgh can watch the Steelers games streaming live on their phone for free.

Augmented reality being demonstrated (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

You’ll also need your smartphone to get into the games this year. All tickets, except those given to season-ticket holders, must be on your smartphone.

Culinarily speaking, the Steelers have some pretty big things brewing for the 2019-2020 season. You already know that the Steelers and Heinz Field partnered with Kennywood on the new Steel Curtain roller coaster but thats’s not the only team up. The world famous Potato Patch Fries will now be sold on gameday in the FedEx Great Hall. The classic fries will be sold with cheese, bacon, or gravy. The original cheese sauce recipe will be on the fries as well as optional Heinz Ketchup.

Heinz Field is also welcoming back Wigle Whiskey for it’s second year of serving its products in the Great Hall. Another new food feature this year is El Rios Bochas and Tacos. Menu items include, Pollo Bochas, Filete El Rio Bochas, Jardin Quinoa Bochas, Pollo Taco, Filete Mucho Taco, and more. They will be located in the Ford Fan Zone, section 151.

Food items from El Rios Bochas and Tacos (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)

“Food is a very important experience when I come to a game. Everyone wants to feel comfortable like they are sitting on their couch at home.” says Jason Whitecotton Executive Chef at Aramark. Heinz Field continues to make improvements to food options each year making sure every fan can find something to tackle their gameday hunger.

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