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Princess Jafar
Princess Jafar

If you missed the release of Princess Jafar’s self-titled release back in September, it’s not too late to grab it from Bandcamp, along with the rest of the drag performer’s discography for just $5.10. (Of course you can always pay more than that, don’t forget to support artists when you can!)

Back in another era, Princess Jafar hosted a late-night, adult-themed variety show that was inspired by Disney movies and ’90s sitcoms and after-school specials and other cultural ephemera. Princess Jafar is, unsurprisingly heavy on reference, musically and lyrically: “GUMMI GRRRL,” for one, rewrites Aqua’s Barbie Girl as a slightly grotesque, playfully erotic ode to sweets, with lines about Simba, Hercules, Lipsmackers, Baby Bottle Pop, and Mentos.

On paper, this might read like a musical Buzzfeed quiz (“What kind of horny ’90s kid are you???”) but the gimmick, such that it is, works as a vehicle for genuinely interesting and emotionally complex minimalist electro-pop. In other words when, in “Manwich,” her majesty said, “Hamburger help me,” I felt that.

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