PHOTOS: A March Of Support For Thomas Drake Who’s Been Harassed By Neighbor, Ignored By Police

Jake Mysliwczyk


Thomas Drake (right) drives his scooter with the march. (Current photos by Jake Mysliwczyk)

By Jake Mysliwczyk
Visuals Editor

On July 21, the Pittsburgh Current told the story of Thomas Drake and the years of harassment he endured from a neighbor and a complete unwillingness by the Churchill Police Department to raise a single finger to help him.

A lot has changed in that time, however. Drake’s story has not only led to him finally getting the help he needs but a larger discussion in the borough about both police and community reform.

Residents and family members of Drake gathered in Churchill Sunday afternoon to march in support of Drake.

The group of about 30 started in the parking lot of Shop N’ Save in Churchill and proceeded onto William Penn Highway where the group shut down the West bound lanes and marched to Drakes home on Merrie Woode Drive.

The chant, “racist Ronnie has got to go” was shouted has they marched past the neighbor of Drake who has been harassing him.

Photos from the march below:

Thomas Drake and protesters speak outside of the home of the neighbor who’s been harassing Drake.

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