Pittsburgh Current Gift Guide: Get Political

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A scene from My Place in the World by Aryanna Berringer

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor


It’s true that politics and holidays don’t often mix. Especially when your opinions don’t mesh with your “I’m not racist, it was different back then” grandfather. But for some people, politics is their life, so a gift rooted in politics might be the best thing.

If you decide to get political in your gift giving, here are a few ideas.


My Place in the World. Written by Aryanna Berringer and Illustrated by Liz Beatty

Yes, Aryanna Berringer is the Current’s political columnist, but her children’s book empowers kids and their parents to be politically active and, well, find their place in the world. $13.50.


“Trump is a Jagoff” T-shirt

These shirts are brought to you by Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor-elect, John Fetterman. Like Trump’s presidency, these shirts are only around for a limited time. $25.


Make a Donation to an under-fire organization

This gift is great because you can give in of two ways. Your like-minded politically active friends would appreciate if you made a donation in their name to Planned Parenthood, CeaseFire Pa., the ACLU, GLAAD, NORML, Black Lives Matter, the National Immigration Law Center or any other such organization. On the other hand, feel free to gift a donation to any of these groups in the name of your NRA-lovin’, InfoWars-missing cousin.


Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward

If you’re going to gift just one book this year about how Donald Trump is driving the country into the crapper, make it this book by the famed journalist. The book has bombshell after bombshell from one of the most prestigious and unimpeachable journalists in our country’s history. And when your Uncle Jimbo says Woodward made it up, remind him that’s what Richard Nixon said about Watergate.


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