Pittsburgh Current is new home of Jessie Sage’s ‘Peepshow’ column focused on sex positivity

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By Pittsburgh Current Staff

Jessie Sage (Photo Courtesy of Jessie Sage)

Peepshow, a weekly sex-positive column focusing on relationships, sexuality, sex work, reproductive politics, parenting, and feminism, makes its return to Pittsburgh readers today in the Pittsburgh Current.

The column is written by Jessie Sage, a writer, educator, and sex worker based in Pittsburgh, PA. She co-hosts the Peepshow Podcast and is the managing editor of Peepshow Media, an online magazine that brings news and stories from the sex industry. She writes a weekly sex column, and you can also find her words in the Washington Post, VICE, Men’s Health, Hustler, On Our Moon, Cyborgology, and more. She has appeared in Hustler, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Healthline, and Mel Magazine. In past lives, she worked as a doula, and a university instructor teaching philosophy and women’s and gender studies. You can find more of her work at and you can contact her at

Beginning in 2018, Sage’s column began running in the Pittsburgh City Paper after syndicated sex columnist and activist moved his column to the Pittsburgh Current. That paper discontinued the column earlier this year for financial reasons. Current Editor Charlie Deitch, long a fan of Sage’s work, says he’s excited to begin featuring Peepshow in the Current.

“I was always an avid reader of Jessie’s column and, like a lot of people, I was disappointed when it went away,” Deitch said. “Jessie and I have talked on and off for a while about her column and this seemed to be the perfect time to start working together.

“Jessie brings a depth of knowledge to the subject based on both study and lived experience.”

Sage’s column will appear each Friday at beginning this afternoon (Sept. 4). Savage’s popular column will also continue to run in the Current each Tuesday.

“Sex is an important topic and our ability to bring our readers information from a variety of sources is so important,” Deitch says. “Jessie is an amazing writer and talent and adding her to our roster of writers is something I’m extremely excited about. “

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