Pittsburgh Current launches “Space For All” advertising/marketing campaign to help struggling small business

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Pittsburgh Current

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

Pittsburgh Current knows what it’s like to be a small struggling business dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic because we are one.

Like a lot of you, we are independently owned and operated, without the backing of a parent company or corporate ownership. With that in mind, we wanted to come up with a way to help small businesses get some help getting the word out to the public that you are still here and you could use their business.

On the flip side, we have larger advertisers who, while currently taking a break during the pandemic, can afford a certain number of ad buys, even though it may feel like now is not the right time. That’s why we’ve developed our new “Space For All” advertising and marketing program.

The program allows larger businesses or entities to purchase advertising at a reduced rate. But in addition to that ad, we will give you another ad of equal value to donate to a struggling small business or non-profit. You can choose the business or we can help you find a partner to donate your additional space to.

“We’re all struggling during this time,” said Current Associate Publisher Bethany Ruhe. “We’ve seen people really pull together in the past couple weeks to help one another and that made us think about what we could do to help other small businesses.

“The Space For All program will grant access to consumers for some small business that can’t afford to pay for advertising themselves. At this time, readers want to be informed and we have seen spikes in our already large readership. While it may not seem like it, now is the time to start getting the word out about your business to not only drive customers to your business now but also when the Commonwealth is finally reopened.”

We featured the first of these ads in our most recent issue. The campaign of U.S. Congressional candidate Jerry Dickinson purchased an ad urging voter to get a mail-in ballot. The campaign has designated its shared space to West End Power, a “community committee with a spirit of giving back by doing works of service, educating & support, we identify needs within our community and develop actions to meet those needs, we encourage and motivate participation from all members of the community.” The group also does non-partisan voter engagement.

During this time, the Current has suspended its print publication. There are several reasons for that. Mainly, though, we didn’t think it was a prudent business decision to pay for a print product that most people wouldn’t see anyway because of the state’s stay-at-home rules. But we are still providing the same product, just in an online digital edition delivered directly to reader inboxes. Our readership is as strong as our content and now is the best time to advertise in the Current and help your neighbors at the same time.
For information on how to advertise or if you are a small business that would like to be considered for this program, contact Bethany Ruhe at

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