Pittsburgh Current Record Review: Bindley Hardware Co., ‘Solitaire’

By March 31, 2020 No Comments

Bindley Hardware, Pittsburgh

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor


Most of the time, you think of the term “Traditional Country Music” as a description of a certain kind of sound, a composition. But the phrase can also refer to a theme. And there is no concept more traditional in country music than loneliness. On this new EP, John Bindley and the boys have created a sound that is rooted in that old country tradition and assembled a collection of songs so sincere and emotional that it could make you feel alone in a room full of friends. It’s important though, not to get too caught up on that word, “traditional” with this record. The music here feels modern, a new spin on an old trope. John Bindley has created a haunting trio of tunes, “Future Tripping,” “Lonely Ride,” and “The Truth.” The steel guitar is on display across the record and combined with Bindley’s vocals will make you nostalgic for a heartbreak. Imagine if Luke Bell, Chris Isaak and Neil Young were in a throuple. Solitaire would be their love child.

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