Pittsburgh’s Jazz Days of Winter offers something for everyone

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Gregory Porter. Feb. 17, August Wilson Center

By Mike Shanley
Pittsburgh Current Contributing Writer

On an average week in Pittsburgh, a jazz fan has at least 50 opportunities to catch a live performance.

In the coming week, the choices run the gamut from traditional jam sessions to tributes to Ornette Coleman and local appearances by national acts like Gregory Porter and René Marie.

To get the word out about all manner of music, has declared February 16 through February 23 to be Pittsburgh’s Jazz Days of Winter. The local coalition consists of volunteers that include performers, promoters and venues around town who are committed to spreading the word about the music, making sure that information gets to the people looking to get out and hear the music.  

Jazz Days of Winter is not attached to special event. Instead it acts more as a resource, listing a calendar of performances. The list of information can be found at More information is available from WZUM, the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel at grew out of the Jazz Hubs Project, a network set up in Pittsburgh and three other cities around the country in 2017, with the goal of promoting the cities as “hubs” of jazz activity. Last August, they promoted Jazz Days of Summer, a similar event that successfully drew more attention to performances happening during one week.


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