Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Removes Second Black Journalist from Protest Coverage in Two Days

By June 6, 2020 No Comments

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has sidelined a second black journalist from covering the protests that have been occurring daily over the death of black citizens killed by police across the country and the history of police violence against black Pittsburghers.

In the past two days, The P-G and its increasingly alt-right leaning ownership/editor have removed Santiago, a Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer and Alexis Johnson, a P-G reporter who has been one of the few black journalists covering the protests that have been ongoing for the past seven days.

Johnson was removed from coverage after sending the following tweet a few days ago.

Johnson’s removal was protested by the paper’s union, the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh and its members on June 6, who tweeted her original tweet under their own names. Then on Friday, PG management pulled two stories related to the protests by guild members and writers Ashley Murray and Lauren Lee without explanation.

PG staffers showed their outrage on social media:

So did Astead W. Herndon, national politics Reporter for the New York Times.

On the day before Santiago was removed from coverage, this is some of the work he did for the Post-Gazette.

On Friday,when asked for comment from the Pittsburgh Current, Brian Cook, president of the Pittsburgh Black Media ­­Federation said, “To remove one of very few African American news reporters – in the entire city of Pittsburgh – from a beat where she could make a difference, is not only troubling, it is abhorrent.”

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