Reporting on the Future: A collection of essays on this country’s future from the people who will actually be living in it

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Intro By Brian Broome

Editor’s note: Reporting on the future is a collaboration between the Pittsburgh Current and Author Brian Broome and the students in his Introduction to Journalism class at the University of Pittsburgh. 

As a country, we grapple with many issues in 2021. After the Trump presidency, many of us don’t know how to feel about America. Has a veil been lifted or has this always been America? When pundits get together on our various news shows, they discuss these issues.? They argue back and forth. They theorize.

But in the midst of all this, there are voices that are being, in my opinion, ignored or perhaps shunted to the side.

In 2020, more young people voted in our elections than ever before which resulted in a new president. But many of them feel unheard. Many in the generation we call Gen Z voted for the very first time in the 2020 election. They have opinions about the world, the country they will inherit. But, again, many feel unheard. They feel as though they are unheard until they are asked to vote again to re-establish the same old bipartisan politics.

I teach Introduction to Journalism at the University of Pittsburgh which now, because of Covid-19, meets over Zoom. On the first day of class, I looked at my monitor full of young faces and I asked them if they’ve had enough politics. I asked if they wanted to use this class to discuss politics. They answered with an emphatic “Yes”.

As the “adults” in the room, we often assume that those aged 18 to 20 don’t care about politics. We assume their interests lie with the latest passing fad. But, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true.

The following are opinion pieces penned by my class regarding topics that they care about. These are just the students who took my class. They do not represent the many diverse young voices across our nation. This should be noted. But they come from different backgrounds nonetheless and I was curious about their thoughts. What they do have in common is youth and they will be, in part, the caretakers of the nation we pass on to them.

These students would like for you to read them and for you to know that they are engaged. They are listening and they are watching.

Index of Essays

Healthcare? More like Healthcarelessness
By Lily Cohen

The Music of Maga
By Dominick Abate

The Movement of Forgotten America
By Adam Kaplan

People Trump Policies
By J.S.

Breaking the Bubble
By Anthony Sichi

Debt, Art School, and the American Dream
By Di-Ay Battad

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching
By Jackie Swartz

The Hero of the Story
By Jacob Carmody

This Is How My Story Begins

I voted for Trump in November. In January, I was glad to see Biden take office.


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