Salon Discussion: Not Neutral

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Mon-May-6-2019 at 6:00 pm

Miller ICA at Carnegie Mellon University

Not Neutral – Salon Series
May 6, 6-8pm

In his response to the Walker Art Center’s call for New Year Resolutions, Anthony Romero makes a suggestion to arts institutions to: “Recall that your institution is not part of some distant European colonial past but remains part of the ongoing project of colonial domination and that your function as a bastion of cultural legitimacy and valuation is predicated not only on your participation in the enduring colonial project of displacement and erasure but those of capitalism, hetero-patriarchy, able-ism, and white supremacy, as well.” This series takes up Romero’s prompt for it’s March Salon: Not Neutral. This discussion will focus on how institutional practices assume a neutrality of place, or experience, and will explore how these false presumptions of neutrality belie the complex and often violent histories and structures that maintain its existence.

The Miller ICA Salons are facilitated topical conversations that include the general public and guest respondents whose life practice explores the chosen topic. The goal of these Salons is to animate engaged citizenship through conversation and exchange across difference and discipline in free public space. The 2019 Miller ICA Salons are a co-organized by the Miller ICA and facilitator, Dana Bishop-Root, who is an artist living and working in Braddock, PA.

Free + open to the public

Miller Institute for Contemporary Art at Carnegie Mellon University

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