Local Musicians and Current writers pick the sexiest of all sex songs

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There’s plenty of music about sex out there. Most all of it, in fact. But just in case this issue inspires you to put together a new bangin’ playlist, we asked a few musicians and music writers to share their favorite sexy songs.

Jackson O’Connell-Barlow, Chantillion

“Win” – David Bowie

 “Though it’s from Bowie’s self-proclaimed “Plastic Soul” album (Young Americans), this track is as spiritually vibrant as any he’s delivered. To look at the masterfully vague lyrics, it appears to address some kind of interpersonal power struggle, but the words are bathed in divine melodic sensuality. Not a word of sex is uttered, but this song delivers elegant potency before, during and after your richest erotic encounters.”

Stephanie Tsong, DJ, Jellyfish

“Baby Let Me Kiss You” – Fern Kinney

“It’s the perfect BPM (Baby-Producing Music? Bump & Pound Music?) for a sensuous striptease. Not to mention, Fern Kinney’s voice is lace and vegan leather incarnate.”

Charlie Deitch, Current editor

“One Night of Sin” – Smiley Lewis

“This song normally engenders memories of ‘One Night with You’ by Elvis Presley. Presley’s version is about sex, but it’s about sweet, pining sex with someone you hope to spend your life with. Presley loved the song, and he sang the shit out of it, but he changed the lyrics and the meaning to get it approved by the record label. But Lewis, a rhythm-and-blues man out of Louisiana, isn’t singing about starry-eyed love making. He growls into the mic: “One night of sin. Is what I’m now paying for. The things I did and I saw. Would make the earth stand still.” It’s about a forbidden, incredible, life-changing, immediately-regretted night of fucking that changed his life forever.”

Marie Mashyna, Sad Girls Aquatics Club

“Erotic City” – Prince

“I don’t think an unsexy Prince song exists? But I love how this song is somehow forward and coy at the same time. He captures initial infatuation with someone so well. The bass line gets me every time.”

Dutch Pearce, Current contributor

“Kiss of Death” – Warlock

“Because Danzig’s “She Rides” leaves a greasy residue that’s hard to get off, I gotta go with this deep-cut banger from Warlock’s fourth album. The reason is simple: When she’s belting ‘By the li-IGHT of the moon’ during the hook, Doro simply sounds so hot. She always does, but never so much as when she’s singing about a ‘strange desire’ that comes over her at night.”

Ana Armengod, De Rodillas

“How Many Licks” – Lil Kim

“I mean, is there much to say once you hear the song? Lil Kim was always empowering, she was outspoken about how SHE liked to have sex, not about how the dude she was having sex

with was liking it.”

Meg Fair, Current contributor

“Two Weeks” – FKA Twigs

“This song came out four years ago, but it still gives me goosebumps. Twigs’ breathy voice, the centering of one’s own pleasure, orgasmic crescendo? A recipe for spicy sexy time with your lover.”

ChaRon Don, hip-hop artist

“Pour It Up” – Rihanna

Key line: “Strippers goin’ up and down that pole/I still got my money/Four o’clock and we ain’t goin’ home/Cause I still got my money.”

Margaret Welsh, Current music editor

Leonard Cohen – “I’m Your Man”

“Willingness to transform into anything for the object of desire is, um, unhealthy, but Cohen’s exploration of that impulse is dignified and superbly pervy. Would a therapist support the style of courtship at play here? Unlikely, but that’s what makes it hot.”

Mike Shanley, Current contributor

The Stooges – “We Will Fall”

“This one slinks along for 10 minutes, built on one droning chord seasoned with a wah-wah guitar. As the band — presuming it’s them — begins a slow, hypnotic chant like Tibetan throat singers, Iggy Pop sketches the outline of a secret rendezvous. ‘Don’t forget to come/ Room 1-2-1.’ Maybe it’s a romantic meeting. Maybe he’s meeting his connection. Or maybe when he talks about going to sleep, he means death. Regardless, the one can fog up the windows if the mood is right.”

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