Some local offerings for the Final Bandcamp Friday of the year

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By Margaret Welsh
Pittsburgh Current Music Editor

It’s likely that your inbox is currently packed full of deals! deals! deals! But if you’re fortunate enough to have a little extra money to spend during this holiest of shopping weeks, consider buying some local music. Dec. 4 is the final Bandcamp Friday of the year, which means that the site will forgo its cut of the profits, and all the money you spend there goes directly to the artists. We’ve compiled a few new releases from Pittsburgh-area artists, which will also hopefully offer a jumping-off point for further browsing and exploration.

Cam Chambers


Melodically, lyrically, and production-wise, Chambers’ heavy, driving, deeply soulful approach to r&b packs a wallop. Don’t sleep on this one.



Some personal news: I’m exactly the right age and demographic to love this sampling of brash, catchy powerpop. If you love or have ever loved Jade Tree records, perhaps this record is for you as well!


Blue Angels EP

This chaotic five-track release bursts with harsh, metallic pink noise. Think cheerleader hype, industrial riot grrrl, a conversation between Shonen Knife and Discharge and the devil himself.

Good Dude Lojack

The Drive

Friday marks the release of a new full-length from GDL. If the hypnotic, softly melancholic  single “Days are Cool” is any indication, expect some tripped out, chilled-out house music.

The Cynics

“I Live Alone”/”Hand in Hand”

Ok so this was actually recorded in 1993, but sounds real nice in 2020. Check out a couple different sides, figuratively and literally, of our very own garage rock icons.

Sheridan Woika


Kind of a wild stew of vibes and sounds on this one, but at its heart Rabbits is a sweet little collection of hazy, melodic singer/songwriter indie-pop.


THE Demo 3P

A warm, mellow trio of slow-jam-y r&b with just enough warp and grit to stick to your brain.

Sam Stucky

“Nothing Special”

Stucky has an EP due in January, but for now you can sample his cozy, nostalgic approach to catchy ’70s AM radio pop.



Slowdanger is perhaps best known for experimental dance and movement performance, but the multidisciplinary duo also works in soundscapes. Here they offer some dark ambient tones which may inspire some at-home movement.

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