Updated: Man and pregnant wife assaulted at Steelers game seeking criminal charges

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“I have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night.”

A man puts his hand on a woman’s throat during the Steelers-Chargers game Dec 2 (Photo: Shelley Lipton)

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

The husband of the woman grabbed around the throat by a Pittsburgh Steelers fan on Dec. 2 at Heinz Field tells the Pittsburgh Current and his pregnant wife had been subjected to verbal and physical abuse the entire evening and that security failed to address the assault both before and after the physical attack. They also plan on pursuing charges against the man they say assaulted them.

Daniel Minshew and his wife are from the San Diego area and they travel a few times a year for Chargers away games. A friend saw the Pittsburgh Current’s story Monday and forwarded Minshew the link. Photographer Shelley Lipton captured a photo of a much larger Steelers fan grabbing a woman in a Chargers jersey around the throat. 

Lipton says the larger Steelers fan attacked a man wearing a Chargers suit, Minshew’s regular game-day attire. Lipton saw the woman, who we now know is pregnant, try to intervene to protect her husband. Lipton didn’t notice until she processed the photo that the Steelers fan, who was at least twice the woman’s size, grabbed her around the throat.

Daniel Minshew, right, and the man he says assaulted his wife and himself. (Photo by Shelley Lipton)

Minshew says Lipton’s account is “pretty accurate,” and he “felt obligated to reach out to you in light of the events that transpired that night.” Minshew and his wife returned home Monday evening, he explained in a later phone call. His wife, who is 26 weeks pregnant, will be seeing her doctor today after experiencing back pain after the assault. But that’s not the only call he’ll be making.

“I plan on calling police officials today about filing criminal charges,” Minshew says. “The account given by the freelance photographer is pretty accurate in describing the events of the attack, but it is what transpired before and after that really has me shaking my head,” Minshew wrote in an email. “My wife and I attend several road games annually and I myself have been to approximately a dozen away games and have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night.” Minshew says that includes a game in Oakland two weeks ago.

Minshew says he had been ”heckled and yelled at prior to the attack, but for the most part it was nothing abnormal that I wouldn’t consider uncustomary for an NFL game.” However, the man in the photo assaulting Minshew’s wife was inebriated before halftime, according to the Chargers fan. Minshew wears a custom suit and hat to each game. At one point, the aggressor walked behind Minshew and knocked his hat off of the visitor’s head. Minshew says he tried to alert field security of the issue and asked them to keep an eye on the fans around the couple. “There was no direct acknowledgement made of my request and there was no further incident (physical that is) that occurred until the one mentioned in your story.”

But Minshew says he was in disbelief when after the assault, he tried to talk to field security because concourse-level security never arrived on the scene. Further, Minshew says he told several field security officers that he wanted to press assault charges, even if they were only misdemeanor counts. His hope at the very least was that the fan would be barred from future events.

“Not only was there an assault, but my wife is also 26-and-a-half weeks pregnant and I legitimately feared  for both our safety,” Minshew says. “After the assault … no security or presence of law enforcement was visible in the actual section and the only way we felt t[we could] safely exit the stadium was with a large group of Charger fans.

This was one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered and I am astonished that this was captured with visual evidence and a third-party [corroborating} statement, yet no security member would take my statement, let alone attend to my pregnant wife and I after the incident to see if we were OK.”

The Current has provided relevant information to Steelers officials and will update when a statement becomes available.

Update: 11:30 a.m.

Minshew tells the Current that he has reached out to Pittsburgh Police Zone 1, the Mayor’s office and the D.A.’s office. As of yet, he says, he hasn’t heard back from anyone.

Update: 2:30 p.m. 

The Pittsburgh Police have confirmed that they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

A spokesperson from Heinz Field has released this statement:

“We strive to make events at Heinz Field safe for our guests. This type of behavior seen in the photo is unacceptable and something we do not condone on our property. We are working with Heinz Field security as well as local authorities to gather more information on this particular incident as the Pittsburgh Police determines whether or not to press charges, and we will ensure those involved as the aggressors will not be permitted back into our stadium.”


  • Steve says:

    Have to be nuts to take wife and kids to Steelers game not much class there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was she pregnant? Because the author needed to tell me a dozen or so more times before it sunk in.

      • NATHAN SMITH says:

        I’m sure he dodn’t mean anything spiteful by repeating the pregnancy as seeing that the Steeler fans that accosyed the woman didn’t give sh*t that she was pregnant.
        And before some goof ball says that well how would the “Pitty-burgh Fans” know, then that is reason enough to repeat it.
        I personally think he didn’t mention it enough!
        Choking a woman, and at a NFL game (not that choking a woman anywhere at anytime is kosher).

        But idiot this is a venue with cameras everywhere in the age of cell phon-emotograghy.

      • Kevin J Odom says:

        U dumb is fuck if u where at the game or was working u should have understood he told u that his wife was pregnant n she was assualted n u or no one else did nothing about it u should be fired u dumb low life piece of shit

    • Anonymous says:

      Can I get this assholes season tickets

  • Anonymous says:

    Pregnant wife needs to protect husband? Lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope they press charges against this guy
    Steeler fans on a whole are not like that ,have to question where was the security
    Also fans should be able wear whatever they want to games regardless of their rooting interest !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullsh*t! I’ve never been treated worse as an opposing fan than at Heinz field. Numerous drunk people tried to pick fights with me throughout the entire day. Just for wearing a Packers jersey.

    • Mark Allen Aubel says:

      I’m from PA and have been to a few Steelers games and I have to say, every game I went to there were some kind of physical altercation…I agree with you, where was security

  • Anonymous says:

    Publish the attackers name. Also his address and phone number if possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are out of your mind asking for his address and phone number published. Make sure you watch the latest video that came out. If being pregnant mattered, maybe she should have tried to diffuse the issue or walked away…

      • PA86 says:

        You just blamed the victim. Congratulations. There are other videos prior to her getting involved that show this guy trying to push her husband over the railing, and him nearly falling over it.

      • Frank Rizzo says:

        U r an idiot!! Nothing makes it ok to put ur hands on a woman,pregnant or not you jackass!

    • Anonymous says:

      Send him to the Redskins, Snyder will take him

  • rosco says:

    Typical triple chinned drunk Pittsburgh fan. I hope they throw his lard butt in jail, if they can get him through the door.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right about the steelers fan. But you forgot to add that the same is true for every nfl teams fan. Stopped watching that garbage back in 2003. Yeayhoo snagged me onto this “story”

  • ben says:

    real piece of shit this fan is, laying hands on a woman, pregnant or not.

  • Russell holman says:

    I am sorry but what the fuck is to be investigated. The photo clearly shows the Steelers fan with his hands around her throat. I am no lawyer, but that is consider assault and you can tell the picture has not be altered. This is why I stopped going to games cause this is a problem when your not in your own stadium. Sad part is this is particular behavior of raider fans, but Steelers you now officially have the worst fans. Sad never thought I would see a day when raider fans are saints compared to this. Ray rice, Kareem Hunt, and many players who have lost jobs for doing the stuff, and to think securitywasnt there just prove NFL only cares that there is a body in every seat and the cash keeps flowing in. Sad day for the NFL. Plus I don’t care if she kicked the dude in the nuts, there is absolutely no reason to put your hand on a women period.

    • Marshon Gonzalez says:

      Tell me about it at Hard Rock stadium in Miami I had to go get the police on 2 occasions during a Game against Raider fans I missed a lot of the game because of this ! Raider Fans were drunk and fightening two of which were women and the other was a Drunk California Latino who was trying to start a fight with drunk Seminole Indians behind him . I had season tickets for several years after that game I said I will never buy season tickets again your safety is at risk in all stadiums and I definitely would not bring my children into an NFL game. Our seats were 6 rows up from the field ! So we were in the more expensive seats which didn’t seem to matter as far as the drunks and fightening.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are sone good reasons, but this is definitely not one of them.

  • Did ff says:

    Can anyone please let me know how far that man would have fallen if was pushed over the railing?

  • Aaron says:

    Pittsburgh fans have no class at the games

  • Green Bastard says:

    Pittsburgh is a heap of shit, as well as everyone in it. And why protect this shameful cunt’s identity.. Slap his name on here for everyone to see, so all will associate it with “pathetic woman beating drunk”

  • Talons56 says:

    Holy cow! Any male who would assault a woman isnt a man! And to think that people got their panties in a bind because Philly fans booed Santa Clause. Maybe they need a judge and jail cells at Heinz.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are we sure that’s not Pig Ben Rapestburger ?!? He may have just been trying to assist her to the ladies room !

  • Jay says:

    He assaulted the woman and himself? That seems weird.

  • Tom Cal says:

    Pittsburg fans are taking lessons from their state brothers in Philly unfortunately. The 2 worse cities to go and watch a game if your from an opposing team. Stopped going to Philly venues after two separate incidents in a one year period, Eagles/Giants & Flyers/Rangers. At least the drunken fool didn’t follow them out of the stadium like they did with us, surprise, the 2 guys I was with were both NYPD and packing. The half a dozen Eagle mob looking to beat on us just for cheering on our team stopped really quick in there tracks after a couple of 9’s were stuck in their face!!! All of you do yourselves a favor, just don’t go there……………..

    • Anonymous says:

      lol uh oh, don’t piss off Tom

    • Ann says:

      I’ve been to Pittsburgh for a game as a Vikings fan–not the greatest experience in my life. I was there with a Steelers fan who intervened when the trash talk wouldn’t stop. But, after what I heard from fellow Vikings fans attending the NFC Title game in Philly, I think it’s far worse at Lincoln Financial. They were throwing full beers at children wearing Vikings jerseys, and a few Vikings players’ families simply left the stadium because they were concerned about their safety. The security and police just ignored what was going on. I know it can happen anywhere–but there are some crowds that are notorious for bad behavior.

  • Anonymous says:

    drop that fool oof in south central Los Angeles with that steeler jersey on and let some of those fine sistas beat em with a bat

  • Anonymous says:

    Make a yearly trip to Heinz. Once as the opposition when my Giants put on a pitiful display. Got my joyful jabs, had a dude twice my size sitting next to me who looked mean but was nothing but fun with his ribbing. The lady to my right kept hugging me saying “it’ll be alright Honey…” So no, this dude is the exception to the rule. I visit with friends other times and go and have never seen anything like this. In fact my friend tells a story of another Steeler fan getting in the face of another saying back off another fan who was his guest.. All that said…MAN that was an ugly Chargers suit! 🙂

  • G says:

    That’s what the Stillers get with a head coach that says a woman needs to “grow a lot” after being assaulted. Never watched another Stillers game after that presser and won’t until they go back to the class of the Art Rooney Sr days

  • Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t anyone stand up for the couple????? Is the game that serious to everyone, what a shame. I applaud him for contacting the authorities,

  • Anonymous says:

    Stay Classy Steelers Fans! I used to have season tickets for 33 years for the Bengals and one of the main reasons I stopped going was how Steelers fans acted at games in Cincy. One tried to fight me in a bathroom as he was so drunk he couldn’t stand on his own. Seen too many fights in the stands that were started by drunk obnoxious steelers fans. got to the point where I couldn’t ever take my kids anymore to any game the Bengals were playing the Steelers. Pathetic year in and year out by the arrogant drunk fans of that team which is sad because a lot of them are great and nice and a blast to watch the game with but there are always more than a handful that need to be banned from every sporting event period.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow everyone with negative comments about Steelers is ignorant themselves there’s 2/3 sides to every story!!! Bunch band wagon haters!!!!

  • Sloover says:

    Look at how dumb his face is. DERP A DOO I HAD LIKE 8 COORS LIGHTS! It’s fun to boo the other fans and talk smack back and forth but get a fucking life if it results in physical violence or even an argument. Also what the hell is up with security? I had a security guy threaten to throw me out for yelling GOD ISN’T REAL when an opposing player got a touchdown and did the dumb prayer thing.

  • Can I simply say what a relief to search out somebody who truly is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know easy methods to convey a problem to gentle and make it important. Extra folks need to learn this and perceive this side of the story. I cant consider youre no more fashionable since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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