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Thu-Oct-18-2018 at 8:00 pm

Byham Theater

US Premiere – Part of the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts

Country of Origin: South Korea

“Sheer joyous exuberance and skill! This showcase of the best in traditional and modern Korean percussion has something for everyone.” – The List

Exciting, extreme, and exhilarating, Tago is the ultimate drumming performance from the East. A breathtaking mixture of Korean traditional instruments, from gigantic drums to small percussion, spiced up with a hint of martial arts. But while the instruments may be traditional, this music is sexy, intense, and sophisticated. “Tago” means “lighting up the world by beating drums,” and this show does NOT disappoint. Be amazed by the dexterity of these performers in ‘a colorful fusion of drumming and dance’ (, ‘a must-see show’ (Stage), and experience ‘high-energy entertainment that commands the full attention of the audience’ (

A note from the Festival Programming Team:

Pittsburgh is a changing city. A city struggling to honor our past, while at the same time embrace a radically changing future. This is not unique to our city. Tago’s performances around the globe embody the mix of the old and the new – and may well help us embrace what is unique about our rapidly-changing city.

Korean drums play an important part in traditional Korean music – from folk music to royal court music, it’s an art that has been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The music that Tago brings to the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts is the survivor from what has been handed down from the performers ancestors during their 5,000-year history. Today in Korea, not many young people like to listen to the traditional music because they prefer K-Pop singers and groups. And yet, numerous artists try to preserve and develop the traditional music and encourage the younger generation not to forget their roots. Sound familiar?

The Festival programming team loved the company when we saw them play at a recent European music festival. Tago seems to have found the harmony between Korean traditional music with a more modern touch. For us, they appear to break a number of stereotypes. Tago calls their music style “sexy, intense and sophisticated.” We wholeheartedly agree.

Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts

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