Tame The Beast: How to focus and frame your unwieldy story

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Sat-Apr-20-2019 at 1:00 pm

Creative Nonfiction

We all have stories to tell. Often, however, we struggle at the outset of a new writing project to find ways to focus and make sense of the story we’re dying to tell. How do you find the strongest entry point and source of narrative momentum, the most compelling characters, and the climax? How can you organize and plan for the many possible directions your story might lead you in?

This session will help you land on the most effective and engaging way of framing and describing your story.

  • LEARN the theory behind narrative framing and construction,
  • EXPLORE a variety of ways to create a cohesive narrative out of fragmented materials,
  • DEVELOP a habit of understanding your project on a deeper narrative level from the outset, and
  • GAIN tips for translating your writing project into a successful pitch or proposal.

The Creative Nonfiction Foundation

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