The Gondoliers – Pittsburgh Savoyards

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Sun-Mar-24-2019 at 2:30 pm

Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall

The Gondoliers or, the King of Barataria combines two different groups with two different storylines that collide in one boisterous and joyous show! Spanning both stories is the marvelously menacing Grand Inquisitor, Don Alhambra del Bolero, who stole the infant son of the King of Barataria and cast him off to Venice, but only after the young future monarch was secretly wed to a nobleman’s daughter. Now, the unwitting heir to the throne and his “brother” are gondoliers seeking mates when the impoverished nobleman brings his daughter to Venice in search of her infant groom. Since nobody can tell which gondolier is the true heir to the throne, Don Alhambra arranges for them to leave their newlywed brides and reign jointly until the proper monarch can be identified. After much confusion, lots of exuberant dancing, and jolly Italianate musical ensembles, the stage is set for leaving all concerned, including the audience, with feelings of pleasure!

Music Director – Guy Russo
Stage Director – Andy Hickly

Special Opening Night Event – Meet the Pittsburgh Savoyards! Free opening night reception following the show, March 15, 2019.

Pittsburgh Savoyards

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