The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?)

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Sun-Mar-3-2019 at 6:30 pm

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Homewood

“The commentary is killing the conversation.” The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?) is a thoughtful one-man play excavating the playwright’s own complicated relationship to gun culture. While proponents on both sides talk past each other, making it seem like there is no one with conflicting feelings on the subject, The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?) explores the many nuanced considerations in that narrative dominated by political sound bytes and simple solutions.

Playwright E.M. Lewis shares five personal stories about her own varied experiences with guns, told by a single actor; Andrew William Smith returns to tackle the role after his previous work at Quantum in The Hard Problem and The River. Directed by Sheila McKenna, a favorite at Quantum who last directed J.T. Rogers’ Madagascar, The Gun Show bravely asks if we can really talk about this.

Quantum Theatre

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