The Pittsburgh Current Is Still Here But Only Because Of You

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Last year when Pittsburgh Current celebrated our first anniversary, we celebrated ourselves with a party and a special issue, even a big-ass cake.

But things are different this year. We wanted to mark our second year in the business in some way, so Jake Mysliwczyk put together a cover with moments that he’s found memorable. I think I realized that I wanted to make this second anniversary about the people who have made this all possible. There are obviously too many to name, so I limited myself to two. 

The first is Jake. The second is you, our readers.

To be clear, this project never lasts as long as it has without Jake’s savage work ethic and loyalty to this publication and what we have tried to accomplish here. I brought Jake in here to take pictures and over the past two year that has been the least of what he’s done. He developed our podcast network and worked endless hours producing, filming and editing our broadcasts. He literally built our fucking set because he saw that the product could be better, more professional. Jake does so much for this company that half the stuff I never even had to ask for, he just did it. He has become a spot reporter, a producer, a videographer, a sound guy, and a true partner in this venture with Bethany Ruhe and me. This is as much his as it is ours.

Secondly, I can’t say enough about our readers, our friends and our benefactors. You folks have been there with us every step of the way. This town needs a product that is solely focused on the readers and I honestly believe that we are it. I truly do. Our readers are some of the most loyal passionate people I have ever met. 

When I was dumped by the City Paper on March 15, 2018, the support I received from people I’d never met was overwhelming. I lost a lot that day, but believe me, I have gained even more. You read us every week but you not only have given us your time, but you’ve given us your money (we still need some if you’ve got some to spare: YOu gave to our kickstarters and this year you have given even more to keep us open and operating. Because of that, I believe we have been able to do our best work. And please know that without you, we would not be here right now.

I don’t know what the future brings. Things are still really hard for us and others. With the re-emergence of COVID-19 cases (300 new in Allegheny County today), survival may be an impossibility. Regardless of what happens, please know that I will continue this publication for as long as I can, even though as I sit here today, I don’t know how long that will be.

I haven’t received a paycheck in more than two years now . I say that only so I can say this: I am only able to do this because my wife has selflessly supported our family and by extension this paper. She is an incredible partner and a person with patience like I’ve never seen. But, out of fairness to my family, I have to carefully consider the future. We have a couple cards to play still and we will be back next week (presumably with another story about the Allegheny County Jail). But it’s important that you know that we are still alive because of you. 

That’s something I’ll never forget.

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