The Pittsburgh Women in Music Festival gets an online debut

By May 29, 2020 No Comments

By Margaret Welsh

Mr. Smalls Theater was supposed to be the site of the inaugural Pittsburgh Women in Music Festival on March 28. Then, you know, some stuff happened. The live festival has been postponed till next year: in the interim, event organizers, including Liz Berlin, who co-owns Mr. Smalls and runs the music non-profit Creative.Life.Support, is moving things online. The livestream event happens Saturday, May 30 from 5-11 p.m.

From the press release:

“Pittsburgh Music Festival is inclusive, open to non-binary and trans individuals, and will be centering around women, regardless of creed, race, or gender assigned at birth. The mission of the Pittsburgh Women’s Music Festival is to support and showcase traditionally underrepresented local musical and spoken word acts across many genres, uplifting diverse and powerful feminine Pittsburgh voices.”

The lineup includes Berlin herself, plus Jess Klein, HollyHood, Skye, Barbara Kalawati-Carmen, Leila Rhodes, Anne Eliza, Leah Stevens, Lauren Judson, Julianne Wright, Special K, Katya, Rocket Loves Blue, Brittney Chantele, Anndrea Arriaga, Carrie Collins, Sarah Halter, Cherylann Hawk, and more. A virtual tip jar will allow viewers to donate to artists directly, or to a charity of the artist’s choice.

Also featured is the work of Tonee Turner, the young, multidisciplinary artist who has been missing from the Pittsburgh area since December.

Turner had her first and only art exhibit at Mr. Smalls in March of 2019. “This will be her second,” the press release explains, “as we’ll be showcasing her art throughout the event as well as raising funds to assist her family in their search efforts to bring this amazing young woman home!”

Visit the event Facebook page for more information.

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