The Trump Dump: The Wanker has landed

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Donald Trump is visiting the UK and while he’s getting the red carpet treatment from the government, he may be in for the “trolling of a lifetime.” Protest organizers have permission to fl a big, fat Trump Baby Blimp. The money for the blimp was crowd funded and the mayor of London has given permission for the big, fat baby to fly like a big, fat eagle.

Sure, there will be newsier headlines like the souring relationship between Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump said after Brexit that the U.S. and Great Britain would have a special relationship, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Trump’s visit to Great Britain also stirs up memories that remind of us of the kind of human being he is, something that we should consider despite the excuses made by his most ardent supporters.  Like this headline from the Daily Beast:



The story recalls Trump’s “creepy” history with the Royals. Like this time when President Grab’em by the Pussy” decided to blame Kate Middelton when Papparazzi with a 10,000,000-mm lens caught her nude sunbathing.

The story also looks into Trump’s history of wooing Princess Diana with hundreds of bouquets. Although, the Princess said Trump “gives me the creeps.” Sounds right, in fact the big-fat-baby blimp may be the most flattering picture ever. So, let’s give it one more look:






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