This Land is Your Land Love Party

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Sun-Nov-4-2018 at 2:00 pm

Herman J. Heyl Florist

This Land Is Your Land Love Party: Youth Empowerment Activities
Join us in celebrating Joy, Love, Friendship, Respect, Acceptance, Understanding, Togetherness.
This event is intersectional, intergenerational and inclusive.

A collaboration between the # notwhite Collectiveand RE 360 LLC

A BIG thank you to Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse and RE 360 LLCfor their sponsorship support!

Artists and creative facilitators include:
Prototype PGH , The Reverend Deryck Tines, AppalAsia , Bob Ziller , Gene H. Thompson , Attack Theatre , Nick M Daniels/The DANA Movement Ensemble , Anne MulgraveCourtney Nassar / brainstorm llc, Phat Man DeeLuciana Brussi and Pittsburgh Samba; as well as #notwhite artists Christiane Dolores, Geña Nieves, Fran Flaherty, Christina Springer, Veronica Corpuz, Sarika Goulatia. Activities will include bubbles, exploring identity, stencilling, poetry-making, drumming and dancing, crafts, visual art, and more.

Open to all ages, admission to the event is Pay-What-You-Can, and requires pre-registration. All children must be accompanied by an individual 18 years of age or older. For more information, please visit

WE are a group of 14 women artists elevating the stories of the others. Those of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes, neatly in cultural categories.
WE are bi/multi-racial/cultural, immigrant or descendants of immigrants. We have come together, to question, to investigate, dig deep into what identity is within and without the construct and context of white—not in skin color, but as a system of oppression, a system we do not align ourselves with. In lieu of police brutality, calls for bans, for walls, we hope to provide an artistic platform for difficult discussions on the complexities of cultural identity in America to move us towards humanity.

RE360 practices responsible property development. We understand that neighborhoods are built over generations by the characters that live, work, and do business in the community. Our mission is to work with communities to complement what already exists, rebuild what’s broken, and add what’s missing.

RE360 knows that honest investment in a neighborhood takes more than money. It takes time and energy required to build relationships and support the people that are doing good things. We’re committed as an organization to meaningful engagement. Below you can find some information about the programs that we support where you live.

#notwhite collective

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