6 Thing to Do on St. Patrick’s Day If You Don’t Want to Go to the Bar

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Sometimes bars can be exhausting. Sometimes people can be exhausting. If you’re like me and are easily exhausted by both, then it’s only fitting that you’re looking for other activities on St. Patrick’s Day that don’t involve going to bars. Look no further! This list has some creative takes on St. Party’s Day, whether you drink or don’t. Side note: If you do drink, do it responsibly, please. I’m not liable for any of the crazy shit you decide to do. Okay, back to the list:

Kegs & Eggs for Breakfast

Want all the goodies of kegs & eggs without having to go out for it? Plan one at home. Invite your friends, each person can bring a breakfast item and pitch for a keg, and then everyone gets Sham-drunk at home. Never a bad move.

Host an Alcohol Olympics

My best friend did this on St. Party’s Day while we were in college, and I highly recommend. Get three or four people on a team, the team chooses a country to represent, then the games commence. We had an Opening Ceremony complete with dubbed-over Rick Sebak doc footage introducing each country, Quidditch Pong (Google it and thank me later), Tit Cup (men have tits too and they’re necessary for the game), Kario Mart and wrapped with a Tour de Franzia. While it’s more intricate to plan, it was the perfect alternative to dealing with the drunks and madness downtown – we created it ourselves in a house in Oakland.

Go Support Women’s History Month

Bypass the chaos and visit some noteworthy places in the city for Women’s History month. Lyft is actually giving free rides to the following locations throughout the month (museums, women-owned businesses, historical monuments and more):

Heinz History Center, 1212 Smallman Street
The Holocaust Center, 826 Hazelwood Avenue
Sugar & Smoke, 4428 Liberty Avenue
Modern Cafe, 862 Western Avenue
Brambler Boutique, 3609 Butler Street
The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers, 431 E. Ohio Street

You can use code “WHMPIT19” for rides up to $10 to get off the path for St. Patrick’s Day and support women throughout the city.

Be the Designated Driver

You could always do a solid for your friends and be the DD. You don’t actually have to go into bars, but could drop them somewhere to crawl around, go be a hermit at home, then pick them up when they’re done. That’s fun sometimes.

See Some Music

Drinking around people can be bearable in the right environment. And seeing as music brings people together, a show could be the right spot. Check out these shows happening on St. Patrick’s Day (and the day before because that counts too):

3/16 – Mumford & Sons, PPG Paints Arena, 7:30p.m.
3/16 – Bastard Bearded Irishmen, Rex Theater, 6:30p.m.

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