Democratic super PAC launches Pa. ad campaign hitting Trump Medicare cuts

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Donald Trump Pennsylvania

Screen Capture from Priorities USA ad

By John L. Micek
For the Pittsburgh Current

The liberal super PAC Priorities USA says it’s launching a digital ad campaign in five 2020 battleground states hitting the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

In case you’d forgotten, the administration’s $4.8 trillion, 2020 spending plan combines deep entitlement cuts, with a deficit-closing scheme that’s so magical that it would prompt a unicorn to call shenanigans. If there’s any comfort, it’s that it’s unlikely that it will be approved in its entirety by Congress.

But, as a messaging document, it does provide a clear contrast between a newly emboldened Republican White House and the 2020 Democratic candidates, who are trying to draw bright-line distinctions on economic issues.

The campaign, which will run in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, includes “graphs (like the one above), videos and promoted news articles,” Priorities USA said in a statement.

Donald Trump Pennsylvania

Screen Capture from Priorities USA ad

Despite the long odds of Trump’s plan coming to fruition, the Republican is still playing with fire by attacking popular social programs. A 2018 Marist/NPR/PBS poll found deep-rooted support.

Asked which option they’d prefer to contain a ballooning budget deficit, 60 percent of respondents said they’d reverse the GOP tax law to deal with the growing deficit, the poll found.

And barely more than two in 10 respondents, 21 percent, said they’d prefer to make cuts to entitlement Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to close the nation’s spending gap, Business Insider reported at the time.

Priorities USA appears to be banking on that latter sentiment, as it launches the latest installment of a campaign that’s been running on social media platforms in key states since last July.

Donald Trump promised to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security but continues to try and cut them while giving massive tax breaks to billionaires and big corporations,” the super PAC’s executive director, Patrick McHugh, said in a statement. “We will continue to hold Trump accountable for these horribly misguided policy priorities – it’s important for people to know the truth about who Trump is really fighting for.”

John L. Micek is the Editor of the Pennsylvania Capital-Star where this story first appeared.

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