Donald Trump says journalists are the ‘enemy of the American people,’ let’s meet some of them

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“It’s funny that a man who has lied more in the past three years than Pinocchio after a weekend in Las Vegas, is preaching about how honesty will prevail”


Political Cartoon drawn by Rob Rogers on Aug. 16, 2018


Today, in an action proposed by the Boston Globe, more than 300 newspapers wrote editorials about the importance of the Free Press in our country. This became necessary when the President of the United States Donald Trump continued his assault on the news media, most recently calling us the Opposition Party; that’s in addition to his whole the media is the “enemy of the American people” tirade.

In a couple tweets this morning Trump wrote:

It’s funny that a man who has lied more in the past three years than Pinocchio after a weekend in Las Vegas, is preaching about how honesty will prevail. He’d better hope not, because honesty winning the day could end up with him sitting in a prison cell.

Look, there’s not really a whole lot I can say about Trump’s attack on the media that will make his supporters see the truth. But, for my part today, I wanted to introduce you to some individuals who, simply by being journalists, fall under Donald Trump’s definition of an “enemy of the American People.”

Elijah Parish Lovejoy. The publisher of the Alton Observer, the abolitionist was shot and killed while trying to prevent a mob of slave-mongers from destroying his printing presses for the fourth time on November 7, 1837.

James R. O’Neill. O’Neill was an artist for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper during the Civil War. He became the first and only war correspondent to be killed covering the war on Oct. 6, 1863.

Roderick D. Gambrell. Murdered by Col. Jones Hamilton after Gambrell exposed shady business dealings with the state of Mississippi on May 5, 1887 in the Sword and Shield.

Ignacio Martinez. Owner of El Mundo in Laredo, Texas, Martinez frequently called out the dirty dealings of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz. He was shot and killed on Feb. 1, 1891. His killers received refuge in Mexico.

Walter H. Liggett. An investigative reporter with the Midwest American in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Liggett exposed organized crime until he was gunned down in his driveway on Dec. 9, 1935 in front of his family. Three witnesses saw Mafioso Isadore Blumenfeld pull the trigger, but he was acquitted anyway.

Ruben Salazar. A Los Angeles Times reporter covering the city’s Chicano community, he was killed while covering a Vietnam War protest when he was shot in the head by a tear-gas canister on Aug. 29, 1970.

Alan Berg. Members of The Order — a white power group in Denver — killed the talk-radio host/shock jock on June 18, 1984.

Fritz D’Or. The Haitian talk radio host/reporter, was killed on March 15, 1991 near his office in Miami because he disapproved of the military led coup against Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It was later learned that his colleague Jean-Claude Olivier was killed by the same man a month earlier.

Bill Biggart. The freelance photographer was killed on Sept. 11, 2001 while photographing rescue efforts at the World Trade Center.

Robert Simmons. Died on Oct. 5, 2001 after being exposed to Anthrax mailed to the Sun newsroom in Florida.

Daniel Pearl. The Wall Street Journal reporter was kidnaped in Karachi Pakistan on January 23, 2002 while on his way to an interview. On May 16, 2002, Pearl was beheaded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara and Wendi Winters. These four journalists were gunned down in their newsroom on June 28, 2018 by Jarrod Ramos, a man who held a grudge against the paper because of a story it published about him seven years earlier.

So, were these journalists the enemy of the people? If you think so, then feel free to put me on that list too, I couldn’t ask for more honorable company.


Charlie Deitch is the Publisher/Editor of the Pittsburgh Current. Contact him at charlie@pittsburghcurrent.com

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