Victoria’s Secret: A Life In Music

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Sat-May-18-2019 at 7:30 pm

East Liberty Presbyterian Church

Celebrate Queen Victoria during the 200th anniversary of her birth with Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh! Created by Matthew Mehaffey, MCP’s Robert Page Music Director, the show will feature an actress playing Victoria’s confidante, who will lead the audience through episodes of the Queen’s life in between short performances of music significant to her and her time. 

The performances will take place immediately after the conclusion of the third season of “Victoria”, PBS’s popular drama about the queen. 

Featured music will include Richard Wagner’s “Here Comes the Bride,” which was Victoria’s coronation music, as well as work by Johann Strauss, Cesar Frank and Arthur Sullivan, all of whom composed pieces for Victoria. Irish folk music will accompany the telling of a dark period in Victoria’s reign: the Irish potato famine. Among the music included will be work by Mendelssohn Choir namesake Felix Mendelssohn, who was a confidant of Victoria and wrote music specifically for her and Albert to play together on the piano. The show will conclude with an organ-backed rendition of “God Save the Queen,” and the audience is encouraged to sing along.

Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh

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