Virtual Game Nights: Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we can’t hang out

By March 24, 2020 No Comments

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

To say that Susan Pilarski is outgoing is like saying that the coronavirus is contagious. 

The Bridgewater, Pa. resident teaches physical education at Beaver Area School District and is always coming up with new and interesting games, lessons and activities. So it’s no surprise that in the middle of the COVID-19 global pandemic, she decided to host a, “EW, Covid” bingo game.

I was invited to the game because I’ve known Pilarski for a few years now and participated in many of the game-night shenanigans she’s planned. She put out a Facebook notification about her live game and by the end of it, she had more than 400 players watching along for the event that lasted just shy of 90 minutes. She didn’t expect it to be such a hit.

“I had just finished facetiming some friends and family and the idea of Bingo popped in my head,” Pilarski says. “I thought, this could be fun.”

For now Pilarski plans to hold her game at 7 p.m. every Sunday. “It’s family-friendly and completely unscripted. Plus, I’m really a novice bingo caller.”

She didn’t have any prizes, however, a cousin who owns J.R. ‘s Beer Warehouse in Rochester, donated a case of water for the coverall winner. “It was just a really enjoyable time with the people I can’t be with in person.”

People are finding all kinds of different ways to keep each other company while also keeping each other healthy. Trivia nights are perfect for game nights and some people are even having virtual happy hours.

Between apps like facetime, Skype and Google Hangouts, there are plenty of platforms to party on. Videoconferencing site, Zoom is perfect for groups. WHile it has premium plans, they offer a free version that allows you to hold meetings/get-togethers for up to 40 minutes.

There are also websites where groups of people can play classic board games.

And then, of course, there are videogamers who play together online daily. To them it’s not even social-distancing, it’s Tuesday.

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