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By July 11, 2018 8 Comments

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Publisher

This is likely the one and only time I will write something in this new publication and use my title of publisher. I mostly refer to myself as an editor or writer, but I felt like on this special day, the launch of the Pittsburgh Current, that you should get a few words from the paper’s publisher.

So, here it goes: “I’d now like to turn things over to our editor.”

By Charlie Deitch
Pittsburgh Current Editor

I have to admit, even as a reporter starting out in the early 1990s, I always thought it was odd that, while the newsroom was run by the editor, the entirety of a “newspaper” was run by someone usually not from the news side of the business. As my career went on, I never really thought about it much until the last decade or so.

A lot of newspapers, some storied, have gone by the wayside with the advancement of digital news platforms. It’s a tough business. As journalists, we’ve always fought for scoops — get the story and get it first. You do that, or you pull out a big investigation or you inform the public of matters affecting their lives and they’ll be loyal and they’ll trust you. I’ve always put the needs of the reader first, even when that isn’t always the case with the business side of our industry.

But I have a theory; had it for awhile. Focusing on the reader is the business strategy. At the Pittsburgh Current, our guiding principles are reader-based, not corporation based. Do right by the reader and they’ll do right by you, the paper and its advertisers. We all need each other to make this product work.

In these pages you’ll find a plethora of news, arts, music and food coverage and it’s just the beginning. You’ll find even more daily, especially arts and music coverage, online at We’re also offering an expanded opinions section that will offer a wide array of voices and opinions and we want to hear from our readers. Write a letter to the editor or submit a guest op/ed to Also, a new Pittsburgh publication founded on freedom of expression wouldn’t be complete without bringing you one of this city’s great editorial voices, political cartoonist Rob Rogers.

Other feature include the return of News of the Weird, we know you love it and miss it, and the Puzzle Society Crossword. Also, beginning with our Aug. 8 issue, we will bring full event listings back to the paper. Alt-weeklies (yes we know we’re not weekly) earned their usefulness to readers by offering these extensive listings and we are bringing them back to city street boxes. You can submit event listings to

Honestly, this is just a quick overview of what we have to offer and we’ll be making announcements in the coming weeks of other new content in the works. Until then, read us here and online, send us your opinions and news tips and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this publication a reality.


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