When Tomorrow Comes

By November 6, 2018 No Comments

All eyes in the nation are squarely focused on today. This midterm Election Day has quite possibly generated the most attention and energy with voters (and probably non-voters) in the history of off-year elections.

And the referendum that President Trump has taunted the media with and used as a motivational tool when addressing campaign rallies, well it looks like he is getting it.

But refrain from making any predictions on the outcome. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, after you vote today, take a couple moments; pat yourself on the back for taking part in your civic duty, and begin to contemplate what you have to do next.

After the last ballot is counted tonight, no matter who wins control of our federal and state legislative chambers, you are going to wake up tomorrow with the realization that your work isn’t over. So I am writing to you to make sure you are not caught off guard. Our nation still needs you to fix a few things that require additional work after you cast your ballot.

Our democracy is an engine; requiring one form of energy to be turned into another. In this case, your work converts to change. Voting is an important part of the equation. But the sum total of factors that are necessary to driving the republic is plentiful.

Please also take seriously that fact that you don’t have to do everything yourself and that everyone of us has a role to play. And not everyone has to fight over control of just the sexy roles either.

Again. Vote, then contemplate. Who are you and what are your strengths? Dig deep within your personal story and how it can, if utilized, strengthen our democracy.

Based on an actuarial understanding of those reading this column today, when you wake up tomorrow, democracy will continue to drive. The only question is will you have a hand in deciding its direction?

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